Monday, February 9, 2009

Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, and Dodge.... Right out of P.E. Class

Dodgeball, yup, we've all played it. They even made a great comedy movie about it. But does it have a spot in K-12 Physical Education classes in schools? In my opinion it doesn't. Sure the game teaches great skills such as moving, balance, throwing, dodging, and even catching, but there are better physical activities that are better suited for the P.E. class.

One of the main problems with dodge ball is that most kids do not like to play it. These kids are often the kids that need physical activities the most too. They are the slower, less agile kids that are often not as comfortable with their physical abilities and because of this they are looked at as the "weaker" students in the game.

Now think back to when you played dodgeball... If you were one of the skilled players, you probably remember who you went after first in the game. It was most likely the "weaker" players. Because this is an accepted part of dodgeball, there's no wonder that these kids do not want to participate, or do not enjoy Phys Ed class when games like this are played.

Overweight and obesse children is a major problem today. To do this we need to find activities that kids will not only enjoy to participate in but also activities that they can continue to participate in as they grow older. Dodgeball is not one of these activities.

Don't get me wrong, I do think there is a place for Dodgeball as a physical activity. Afterschool groups dedicated to dodgeball and even touranments on the weekend or after school is fine. This allows students to choose to participate in dodgeball and doesnt force them to play just to get their participation points in class.

What do you think?

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