Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Food fight!

Last Wednesday was the food lab at St Marys. The theme of the day was favorate foods, as each group had to create games that had to do with food, and also worked on overhand throws and catching. Our group decided on a game called popcorn. The students are broken into 3 groups. One group stands behind mats that are stood up and have a bunch of balls of different sizes. They have to throw the ball over the mats to the other teams. The other teams have to catch the balls (or the popcorn) and take it to their team's "bowl" (hula-hoop on the ground halfway across the gym). If the ball hits the ground then the teams have to throw it back over the mats and back into the "popcorn maker." It's similar to a game I remember playing when I was in elementary school.

I got to lead the activity which was fun, and I think it went pretty well. The teams got mixed up a little but it was still alright. I found that by being enthusiastic about things made the kids want to play the game. All the kids were involved which is always a plus, and none of the kids got bored with the activity which has happened in the past. I think keeping the game pretty simple was a good idea. Sometimes the games played are way too complicated for the kids and they get confused and end up not enjoying the games.

After the activity my group finally got to stay up in the gym and work with the older (3-5 grades) kids. We started by playing the game "SPUD" which was a lot of fun. Then we played some Knockout basketball. It was fun with the older students because we could participate with them and they would be able to compete with us more than the younger kids could. I still like the younger kids as its fun to be creative and keep things fun.

I also met a 9 year old who's soccer skills were amazing, and his knowledge of the game. He truely amazed me that he could finish crossed balls from across the gym. And since soccer is my favorite sport and I have a strong background in it, it was fun to talk about soccer teams and players with him. It still amazes me some of the skills these young kids have, I just hope they stick with those sports.

Overall it was another fun week at St Mary's, as all weeks are.

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